Friday, September 9, 2022

The fecundity of my footsteps


I was out in a ragged field, near a wastepond full of geese. I was taking pictures I can't show you yet because I still don't have a computer to load them onto. It has been in the repair shop for a full week now! My camera will soon run out of room for pictures, like in the old days, with those tiny, archaic rolls of film! Thirty-six pictures? I sneeze thirty-six pictures nowadays!

I had a lot of fun out with the geese, taking hundreds of pictures that mostly won't turn out (but oh the hope in the few that will!). And I have a fair bit to tell you about this interesting construction area, with its new streams and wastelands and half-built buildings.

But I just want to tell you now my favorite thing from that day.

I was walking back towards my car in a huge dirt field, torn up a while ago for elaborate, distantly coming construction. Water had gathered in a quite wide, but shallow pond that the geese adored. Grass and green plants had grown up and ringed the water, and my walking took me along this green verge, all desolation to my right, a cacophony of geese to my left.

And something was miraculously alive in the grass!

For hundreds of feet, with every single solitary step I took, at least a dozen frogs leaped out of the grass and into the water.


  1. Thank you for sharing that wonderful moment. I hope the frogs will be safe from the new construction.

    1. Me too, though I am afraid it is all a bunch of tiny eco systems appearing and disappearing at an unusual rate.

  2. I found a comment space! I was sort of looking for it and sort of just trying to make sure that I've seen all the entries I missed. I'm trying to remember to check in each day, but I usually don't. Whatever these changes are, someone told me that my blog now has the "Archive" list showing up beside it.

    I continue to enjoy your musings.

    1. I am delighted to hear this. It is, of course, always a pleasure to hear from you here!


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