Tuesday, September 20, 2022

The swan addendum


Recently in this space we have been showcasing themed groups of pictures. But today we have only one, just one picture!

Yesterday's theme was geese, and we had at least a dozen photographs of geese. Today's picture also has geese, but because they are not the prime attraction here, I have withheld the photograph until today. As you will see, and read, geese are pretty big, but swans are much bigger.

I know, pretty exciting!

I have seen swans only once before in Saint Minneapolis, on a lovely walk with my lovely wife out by the old Cedar Avenue Bridge. So when I was out along the largest of the wetland lakes at Crosby Farm Park, I did not entirely believe my eyes when I thought maybe I was seeing two swans by the far shore. I even had to look through the powerful zoom lens of my camera to be sure.

"Geese are pretty big." I said to myself, "But those white birds are way bigger!"

Then I added (in my head):


I took a few pictures. This is the one that turned out:

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