Friday, October 14, 2022

A creative fecundity


As I have already suggested, I have become overtaken by photography this past week or two. If I'm not out tramping the golden wilds of our Autumn riverlands taking picture after picture, I'm back at work, or home, poking at my phone or a computer, and applying endless effects and monstrous tweaks to my pictures, a regular mad scientist of the natural world, cackling derangedly to myself when I think I've hit a good one.

I think I've hit a few good ones.


But even though I've hinted at all this, I haven't yet managed to get most of my pictures actually out onto clerkmanifesto. Indeed it is sometimes more that I struggle to keep up with clerkmanifesto because I am so busy creating content for clerkmanifesto!

And so I am now going to resort to extreme measures.


It does have a precedent, and we like our precedents here at clerk. Once I posted a photograph every hour for 24 hours. Last year's "Copse Week" was also a flood of pictures to celebrate copses, although it mostly ended up celebrating one copse I just really, really liked a lot.

And so now I present to you, I don't know, a barrage of photos? If I come up with a name for this project I'll be sure to let you know. If you have a name let me know. As for the rules, I will post pictures, one at a time, relentlessly. This will probably go on for about a week. Usually the individual pictures will be without commentary, but you never know- I could surprise either of us at any time. My folder where I am keeping what I think of as my good, new pictures, is in no particular order, so sometimes common themes will appear one post after the other, and sometimes they won't. 

I guess what I'm suggesting is: take them one at a time.

Check in practically any time and there will be a new one. Or save and scroll! Or mumble "Ay gezundt!" And stumble into the night. It's all you.

Picture number one (no, they won't be numbered after this):

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