Monday, October 24, 2022

Barrage of blogposts finally comes to an end!


Well, if any regular readers survived all that, whew!

As you may know I have been posting a new picture every three or four hours for at least a week. Sometimes, snuck in among those pictures are my commentaries on...


But now I have had enough with the constant barrage of blog posts! 

It is so disorderly to have posts going up constantly!

Did you find it disorderly? 

It seemed like a great idea to just post a picture every few hours and then type in commentary anytime I felt like it, but in the end I couldn't really find anything I did, and there was so much of it, and it was all so surprisingly laborious to add things, and I still ended up making more new pictures on my phone than I could actually manage to post out here on clerkmanifesto!

So now we'll go back to normal.

Could someone point me to what's normal again?

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