Saturday, October 22, 2022

Clean living against the darkness


For readers who enjoy their clerkmanifesto straightforward, dropping every 24 hours with cleanly written accounts of library life, this might not be clerkmanifesto's golden era. Full of mystical, sometime inscrutable pictures, occasionally barely hinged to their sources, with quasi poetic titles and either no text at all, or, sometimes, without warning, inscrutable late night ruminations will appear that might be spiritual, but how is a person supposed to tell?

This, this is super spiritual right now!

If I wrote a spiritual self help book that might be a good title for it.


Well, you know best. You're the reader.

So you want to hear about the library then? 


There is a man who likes to come tell me jokes at the desk when I see him. When old, battered, falling apart guys limp to the desk of a library to tell you a joke the fear is that it will be offensive. 

His aren't. 

I like to think any small virtue beyond that is just gravy.

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