Thursday, October 6, 2022

Hawk encounters


Oh, hi. Is it that time already?

No, no, I'm delighted to see you. I have just been so busy working on the blog that I didn't realize it was time for...

the blog.

Sorry everything is sort of a mess in here. You can just put that stuff on the floor.

Yes, yes, go ahead and clear off a space.

Let me get you a drink.

Here you go.

Yes, I do remember your favorite.

What's that? Oh, these are all the things I'm working on. That pile over there is another visit to the Harriet Alexander Nature Center. No, no turtles. I was really hoping to see some. Those piles are all the new editing filters I've started working with. This one is called "BeCasso". Get it?

Yeah, no, it's not that funny, but the app does a nice job sometimes of making photos look like paintings.

This pile? That's some leftover Shadow Falls pictures. And this one, this tall one is the hawk. I told you about the hawk, didn't I?

Well, this big hawk came to the library last night, and he sat on the fence near the employee entrance. He let me come very close. Very close!

Yep, that entire pile of pictures is of the hawk. I took 300 pictures of him. They're pretty similar.

You'd like to see one?


Here you go:

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