Friday, October 28, 2022

The deer from Pike Island


I had been planning to visit the deer on Pike Island for a week or two, but as it is something of an expedition I did not manage to go there until today.

I reminded myself, well aware of a long ago trip to Vancouver Island (another island!) to see Killer Whales that never showed up, to not get too caught up in my desire to see the deer. I reminded myself to be there for everything else.

My reminder worked! I was having a good time!

I was walking down one of the grassy paths that ran through the center of the island, a path I think of as "The Deer Path", because that is where I mostly see the deer.

I didn't see any deer, but that was okay. I was taking pictures of a lot of trees. And then something moved in the brush! 

It was too small and close to be a deer. 

Isn't it funny how one can see movement in the wild, hear it, feel the presence, but not see anything of the thing that actually moves? This is what happened to me. I climbed over some fallen logs. I followed the movement into the weeds and grasses. I stood for a moment, very still and quiet among the tangled wood. Whatever moved was gone, or hidden from me forever.

I wondered what it was. I still do.

And then I looked through the trees to my right, and there were the deer.

Funny how I hadn't noticed them before.

I communed with them for a bit. They, as you will see, looked at me carefully. Mostly I bugged them with my picture taking until they wandered away.

Thank you deer.

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