Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Tribute to my library


Perhaps, and I don't want to be held to this, I am feeling okay about my library these days.

Oh, I have my complaints. Boy do I have my complaints. Boy oh boy do I have my complaints! But if you'll just look at these pictures below that I've been laboring over, there is an unmistakable suggestion of pride, maybe, as well?

One of these pictures is posted out at the front desk of my library. A regular patron has become fond of my photographic work and insists that I should do this professionally! After they said I should have my own space dedicated, in the library, just for my works alone, I told him he should tell this to the branch manager, who was standing twenty or thirty feet away, talking to a librarian.

The patron did go over and talk to the branch manager!

A minute later I discretely followed after this patron and approached the branch manager and librarian.

"I am beloved." I announced.

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