Friday, October 7, 2022

You are greeted again


Oh hi.

Did you forget something?

Weren't you just here?

That was yesterday? 

Ah, you're here for today's blogpost! Wow, that was quick! I guess I kind of got involved in stuff.

No, no, I'm happy to see you, come right on in. 

Yes, I guess it is even messier in here, but don't worry, I'm organizing.

I know it doesn't look like it. I took a lot of pictures of swans today, and I got a ton of new filters for my pictures. Yeah, those are all those piles over there. I guess it is a lot. And some of the piles toppled over, but I just want to sort all the hawk pictures first.

Oh, you want to see one of the swan pictures.

They're not really ready yet, but...

Well that's nice of you to say!

Here's what I have so far then:

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