Sunday, November 20, 2022

And so it begins, The World Cup


I have done a pretty good job of not overwhelming this blog with posts about The World Cup. Which may lead you to believe:

Is it over? 

Who won?

NO! It is not over! 

Haven't you memorized the schedule? Haven't you signed up yet for our World Cup Breakfast Club at Mickey's Diner (thanks to my wife for the excellent and popular idea!)? 

The first game is only just happening today!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, as is the tradition, host country Qatar opens the festivities by playing Ecuador today at ten in the morning, my time.

Oh. You say. Just a couple of minnows.

First of all let me commend you on knowing the term "minnows", denoting small teams that cannot compete with the big favorites. Qatar and Ecuador will have their hands full just hoping to get out of their group with the very good, and favorited, Senegal and Netherlands.

Second of all, let me also commend you for knowing that Qatar and Ecuador are indeed, "minnows". Well done on knowing the relative strengths of The World Cup teams.

But third, how can you dismiss these talented athletes so cavalierly! They are only trying to do their best. They are magnificently talented soccer players, the best of their country! Have you seen Pervis Estuinan of Ecuador, in full and glorious flow down the left flank of the pitch, dancing the ball in full control in front of his feet as he scans the opposition, looking for the slightest opening, the tiniest of weakness to exploit, and then bursting into space and delivering a perfect, delicate cross to the feet of his teammate?

No, I haven't seen that either, but I might look for it if I get around to watching the game today.

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