Wednesday, November 9, 2022

In which our mind turns to mush and we run out of themes


Yes, sorry. Today's blog post has no theme.

Or subject.

Or point of view.

Though it should be noted in the absence of any concept in the course of a clerkmanifesto post, we automatically default to:

We are opposed to badness!

"But what is badness?" You ask.

I'm sorry. That is not today's discussion. It is merely today's default discussion. Please consult my other 3,500 blog posts for details.

"So what do we have for today's blog post?" You ask.

Fair question.

As our source for today, we have the tattered remnants of our collection of recent photographs that met my "Four Star" standard. I will now commence to post six of these photos each day until something in me rebels and cries out:

"These aren't anywhere near a four star standard!"

At which point I may start talking obsessively about the World Cup.

So you'll probably want to try to enjoy these while you can.

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