Friday, November 4, 2022

Increasingly alarming deer


I think I was drifting towards making some Mad Scientist Animal pictures, but I became distracted. Then, looking at the remnants of a developing idea I felt...


So while my collection started at an ornamental level, my work progressed. And while I never entirely understood that kind of mad scientist trope of the mad genius sewing kitten heads onto the bodies of chickens or something, well, surely it couldn't hurt in a few photos? You know, just to see...

First are merely a couple of mirrored geese, than a reasonably innocent two-headed bird tableau:

But then I got started on some deer.  They were coming out really nice, but very... normal.

I particularly like this next one:

And then (Francis Bacon type warning), they, all at once, went completely off the rails. The stuff of nightmares! 

Which, for some reason, is what I was looking for.

Though looking them over now, I can't quite remember why.

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