Saturday, November 12, 2022

Last of the old time photos


For more than a month I have been trying to clear out my folder of photos that are so fabulous that they must, somehow, eventually be displayed right here, on the famous World Wide Web, where no one could possibly miss out on seeing them. I mean, unless they're using their time on the Internet unproductively. But that's not you. And I don't see why we should worry about other people!

And now, finally we have winnowed our collection of 'to be used' photos down to, well, many dozens. But these golden pictures are, alas, of many dozens that I have not chosen now over and over and over. These are the photos I decided were wonderful, but then kept rejecting!

So this is their last chance at a public appearance! Today we pick our last photos to show and then empty our file, leaving us to start fresh tomorrow (or, as I am currently writing a small library of blogposts in preparation for our trip, leaving it to start fresh in ten minutes or so).

What you see is what you get, and what happens tomorrow is between us and the future.

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