Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Michigan seems like a dream to me now


It was horrible coming back.

Nice, France seemed like it was right there. Just out of reach and a million miles away. But it was all around me. It felt like it should be out the door, down the hall, through the window. 

But all there was anywhere I tried to find it was cold.

Cold and dentist appointments and work.

And so it faded away.

And one sad evening (15 minutes ago), I was working on the check in machine and I realized it was all gone. 

Nice was gone! 

Did I dream it?

I wanted it back right away.

So I closed my eyes to try to remember.

We were sitting at a restaurant (as we so often did) in the old town. The streets were narrow and bustling and vivacious and free of all cars. The food was delicious. The company was...


And I looked up in the sky to see a waterfall.

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