Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Saint Minneapolis in too many guises


I had finally cleared out my backlog of pictures I wanted to show you, pulled up my barstool, and set down to write my last seven or eight blog posts for when I am away on vacation.

I wrote a couple of sure to be mildly unpopular posts about The World Cup and then started fiddling about with more photographs. Just, you know, as a diversion. Just for fun.

And six hours later here I am again!

What so riveted my attention?

Pictures of my city skyline.

I think that Saint Minneapolis can get really gorgeous as we head into late fall, especially in the early morning when it is illuminated like a holy text, incandescent like the Emerald City. And since I suddenly have so many wonderful and bizarre tools in my shop here to mess with my familiar skyline, I went at it. I scratched it up, auto generated it, added planets and birds, covered it in goo, painted it like Da Vinci, and generally folded, spindled, and mutilated.

So here is my first group of pictures from this Skyline series. Sometimes it looks like Saint Minneapolis, sometimes not so much.

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