Wednesday, November 23, 2022

The toy store in Nice


As I sit here mooning about my trip to Nice with my wife, and try to slowly recover from the sad fact that it is somehow not happening anymore, and that I am instead at work, in a freezing city far away from the sparkling Mediterranean, I thought of the toy store in the Old Town quite close to our vacation apartment. This store is called L'atelier Des Jouets. The Toy Workshop. It is an apt name indeed. Its products eschew the taints of modernity and electricity. It is a toy store out of a fable, or a lovely Miyazaki film, or even from a good old fashioned children's book. It's shelves teem not with branded products, or even games, but with racks of stuffed and carved animals, music boxes, and elaborate windup scenes where bobbing and spinning little cats conduct music around a piano, or a tiny safari vehicle circles lions and elephants while music plays.

And suddenly I realized:

I seriously should have bought that cat one!

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