Friday, December 23, 2022

Argentina five days later


It feels much longer than five days since Argentina won the World Cup in what amounts to the culmination of my arduous soccer watching career.

This feels like a long time to me, but that may be because of my being sick with Covid that whole time, and so some part of my brain is measuring those days in coughs.

There have been a lot of TV shows watched in that time too.

Many people are calling that final the greatest sporting match ever played.

I fancy a bit of hyperbole myself. 

It was my favorite result from any sporting match ever. I'll readily say that!  And I suppose it was an emblematic game of soccer, full of drama, great moments, heroism, and changes of fortune. It was operatic.

Soccer is the most narrative of sports.

And this World Cup was a great narrative:

The most gifted player of all time lifted the greatest trophy in the sport in the twilight of his career.

But what's a little weird about soccer is that brilliant soccer, and great moments of virtuosity in the game, can easily have almost nothing to do with results.

But I'll admit:

I find it a relief when there's even a rough correlation.

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