Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Covid, day number: eleventy-aught-whatever



Your Covid reporter is up and at 'em before dawn to give you all the latest and greatest on, um, how to put it?

Covid's march through my body!

Now it does sound like I am up very early with all this "before dawn" stuff, but we should remember that it is somewhere right around the Winter Solstice in the northlands here. So as I look out my window into pitch blackness it is nevertheless almost seven in the morning and I'm starting to think the sun might be broken!

So the scene is set.

I mean not that we needed a scene for me to offer a few words about Covid symptoms, but what's done is done.

I have read about, speculated upon, worried over, and heard the story of many people's Covid symptoms over the past few years.

There are some that I am thrilled not to have, and hope I don't develop, and it does seem like I probably won't? I don't have any breathing or oxygen sorts of problems it seems. Brain fog isn't an issue. I'm not really exhausted in any way that some people talk about.

Some symptoms feel almost inevitable to me, like I was sure to get them and have; the kind of incessant cough (I'm so sorry to my wife!) that, in sickness, I have been prone to in the past, fever, runny nose, and I'm pretty sure my taste and smell are gone.

I am jealous of the many people I have known who contracted Covid and felt sick for a day or two and then were over it. Or the ones who were like "It was mild. It was like a cold." This is my fourth day (though I don't know how to count the flu/cold I had two weeks ago that never totally went away before blossoming back into... this. On this fourth day I do feel a little better, but my fever and misery oscillates enough I can't quite be sure yet. But I definitely, blessedly, now cough less.

I am less jealous, but still possibly jealous, of the many people I have heard about who seem to get Covid and are exhausted and just sleep, a lot! I am pretty sure if I could sleep more than four or five hours on some night it would help my condition considerably. I sleep for an hour or two. Drink some water, cough, lie in bed for an hour or two not sleeping, and repeat until the sleeping part stops working altogether.

At which point I get out of bed and tell you all about it.

May you fare better. Or have fared better. 

Or, miracle of miracles, never get it.

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