Monday, December 5, 2022

More paintings


I have a sore throat, WHICH MEANS I HAVE A DISEASE!

So, I stayed home from work today, and I am tired, and that's fine, I guess.

Every once in awhile I picked up my phone and made a new painting. Or I guess I should say "painting".

These are the best of them, but I'll say I like the first one best, and that number four is a variation on number two, and number five is a variation on number three, so you don't have to wonder "Haven't I seen this one before?" You have.


  1. "...picked up my phone and made a picture,,," And there followed some varied and interesting pictures! What sort of magic is this, good Sir?

    1. The kind where one is a little proud, and yet a little embarrassed because it was all a bit easier than it should be.


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