Friday, December 2, 2022

Out among the snowy wastes of Winter


Today I went out among the snowy wastes of Winter. The wind blew fiercely and 18 degrees of Fahrenheit felt colder than it was. I took pictures of the stark sun, bare copses, hard light, and freezing streams. Sometimes they looked like the desolation at the Earth's poles, but mostly they looked like a bunch of snow had fallen on a golf course.

There was truth in both these visions, but I was thinking one vision would be more picturesque than another. So I came home with my frozen trigger finger and at least one camera out of battery power, and lo I consulted with my artificial intelligence friends. Using all the history of imagery ever produced by human beings in all their profligacy, we tried to nudge my pictures in the direction I had been thinking of as I roamed the bitter tundra.

We had mixed, but mostly positive results, which, in the interest of science, art, better relations between robots and people, and your edification, I present here:


  1. 12/2/2022 Nice chilly photos! I like the steps a lot. Thank you!

    1. Ah the steps! (makes a little secret note in his head). Okay then. Thanks for telling me.


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