Monday, December 26, 2022

Testing positive


Oh, I feel okay.

Runny nose, but not much. Occasional cough, a bit tired, but nearly well. 

But my Covid test is...


Or negative?

Whatever the bad one is where a person has Covid, lots and lots of Covid.

And it's not just like a regular positive test. I mean my first positive test was more than a week ago, and the essential "T" line was present but faint at that time. We looked up that result and the Internet said that even a faint T line means Covid because one has to have to have a lot of Covid in one's system for there to be any line at all! 

But it also said that yes, the darker the line is the more Covid there is, for good or ill.

Mostly ill.

Well my "T" line on my test today is currently super dark. 

I mean thick as a wrist, and black as the night.

My Covid test stick is drowning in Covid. It is the black hole of Covid. It is all of China's Covid represented in a single place.

I am currently the epicenter of all Covid on Planet Earth!

So my question is:

When do I return to work?

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