Thursday, December 15, 2022

Two seasons at once


Winter is a little tough around here, especially when we're deep into Winter and Winter doesn't even begin for another week! Today, as the ice falls, turns to slush, gets churned into some kind of unholy slurry on the roads, people tend to complain. To paraphrase the great Melanie: Winter can be beautiful, but mostly it's not.

Yesterday I walked out to Shangri-la, my little secret woodland. It didn't seem quite so secret with its luxurious blanket of leaves stripped away, and I wondered how I could properly illustrate this most dramatic of seasonal differences. I thought it would be neat to take some pictures in the Summer and then take some of the same place in the Winter. That sounded hard though, and like it would take another six months.

Then I remembered I have taken a lot of pictures!

Sure enough I found some random Summer shots of Shangri-la. So I tracked down their locations and did my best to match my original point of view. 

Here are the best of my results:

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