Saturday, December 24, 2022

When I can tell I'm not that sick anymore


I have been sick with Covid for a full week now. That's a lot of sitting around eating what I can bear to, drinking endless quarts of water, and watching TV shows. As for the TV shows at first there were some old movies we'd seen a million times before. Then there was the new season of Emily in Paris, which I understand is a personal taste, but I quite like it. That went by quick.  From there it has been all homey British Competition Shows. One involved Interior design and was interesting. The next concerned, well, not flower arranging, it was more like large scale plant sculpture. Teams of two had to make things like giant insects or fairytale scenes out of plants and flowers and stuff. I really liked that one and was sad there was only one season of it. Do you know how long it takes for sick people to watch one season of a British Competition show? 

Part of a day.

I have full days to take care of here!!!!

Which brings me to my point today.

How can I tell that I'm not all that ill from Covid anymore?

I listlessly lay about all day eating sorbetto and watching TV...

and I like it!


  1. When I was a kid, 8-9 years old, I spent a lot of time home from school with all the illnesses kids these days miss out on, because they have vaccines. My mother told me years later that she could tell when I was getting better: I got very obnoxious.

  2. Your surplus of Covid must be balanced by a lack of imagination. If you think me incapable of obnoxiousness, and you choose not to believe my mother, ask my younger sister...the one who now lives just 10 minutes away from me!
    I DO hope you are feeling better.

    1. I am feeling better- even going to work tomorrow!

      I still don't know about this whole "obnoxious" thing. Perhaps they were confusing it with "spunky"?


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