Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Your World Cup Semifinal Predictions!


I have not really been brave enough to predict much in this World Cup. As I said, no one knows what's going to happen and then after it happens it was oh so obviously going to be just that. 

At which point my prediction, for example, might look a bit... silly.

But then I saw someone sort of famous in soccer predicted a semifinal of France vs. Morocco.

Not very many people predicted a semifinal of France vs. Morocco.

People were all like: "This guy is amazing!"

The only problem is that all his other guesses were completely wrong, so wrong as to be outright wacky. I think maybe the other semifinal is supposed to be Ghana vs. Cameroon.

Ghana and Cameroon are not in the other semifinal. They were drummed out of their groups unceremoniously.

Though they certainly gave it a good go!

Anyway, my main takeaway from all this is:

Who cares?

So here are my very authoritative semifinal predictions:

France 7

Morocco 0

Sorry Morocco, but Morocco is like a heroic kid at a giant dam. It's been an amazing feat holding back the force of all that water, but it has built and built and built, and now, when it finally bursts, it's going to be ugly.

Croatia 2

Argentina 0

Of course I desperately want Argentina to win, but my superstition that predicting Argentina's loss in this space will always work out for the best, causes me to not dare alter my path.

If I'm right about these predictions we will revisit them. If not we will forget all about it.

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