Monday, February 20, 2023

Choose your own blogpost


In the tradition of the old choose your own adventures, or maybe a computer game where the choices you make are impactful, we are creating a choice-based blog post. As you read you will on occasion be presented with two options. Read both choices and then simply

A. Read the one you prefer a second time, ignoring the other option, and continue on in the blog post which will psychically adjust to your mental choice.

B. Click on the option you prefer. Nothing will appear to happen but as you read on the post will conform to what you clicked on.

Fantastically brilliant choice!

A. You fill with pride at being praised for your clever choice, but you wonder if your choice actually warrants such high praise.

B. You are not sure you are convinced yet that choice actually matters in this blog post!

And yet it does!

You begin to see the wisdom of this blog post. You wonder if there is some way its powers can be generated for your benefit.

A. You decide to try to quit smoking in the midst of this choose your own blog post.

B. You resolve to exercise regularly now that the predictive elements of this blog post can assist you.

You already feel healthier! You're starting to become more enthusiastic about this blog post, even if at first you dismissed it as mere nonsense. Maybe everything on the Internet should be more like this choose your own blog post!

A. Then, suddenly, you realize it is. And it is doing no one any good! It's just cheap, cookie-cutter wish fulfillment that says vague things you want to hear!

B. You feel a sudden desire for a cigarette.

C. It occurs to you that the "trick" of this choose your own blogpost is that the "answer" conforms perfectly well to either option, but somehow you're at peace with that.

D. You think maybe you can test if this blog post is really working by presenting a choice with a very specific answer, like, what is 2x8?

E. You wonder from out of nowhere, "Wait, how did the Titanic sink if it was such a safe ship?"

F. The number of choices overwhelms you, and you yearn for the clock to turn back to the days of yore when blog posts just "happened" and no one needed to goose them along.

G. You rub your hands together with glee. Oh boy, how's he going to pull this one off?!

So the Titanic was divided into sixteen compartments, each watertight from each other above the water line. So if the hull was breached, the water would flood into just one compartment and the ship would be fine. Actually, as many as four or five compartments could be breached and the ship would be still floating. But the iceberg didn't puncture the hull so much as scrape along its side, tearing a gash into six of the compartments along the front half of the ship! This was too much and eventually the ocean overfilled each section from the top of the compartments. Thus the very safe Titanic sank.

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