Friday, February 17, 2023

Dear Editor: The Sample


Dear Editor:

At some point, inevitably, after all my convincing persuasion and clever marketing to induce you to publish a book of my work, we come to the part where I must submit a sample.

This is tough!

What single piece of my work is so exceptional, and yet so representative, so convincing to a newcomer, but timeless, rich, and still typical?

Did you know that I have written over 3,700 short pieces from which to draw my sample? That is a lot of pieces. There are sad pieces, and funny pieces, and angry pieces, and wise pieces, and silly pieces, and thoughtful pieces, and inventive pieces, and mind-bending pieces, and chatty pieces, and pieces where I write letters to the editor.

Let me ask you, as a person who sits in judgement professionally:

What tree in the forest do you choose?

What color do you reveal to demonstrate color to a person who has never seen color?

What day of your life is the day that best expresses your life?

I have enclosed an SASE and look forward to your response.

Your Author,

Feldenstein Calypso

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