Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Most of the fun you can have with Presidents


As I sit down to write we are all eagerly awaiting the President's State of the Union Address. And by "eagerly awaiting" I mean "we plan on missing it entirely". But roaming the Internet as I do, I may run into bits of it, and one has to admit, it is the Presidents' Day season, which runs from now through its culminating celebration on February 20. So Presidentia is on all of our minds. Why did Benjamin Harrison ask Carter Seville the famous question "What is this couch actually stuffed with?", and why did John F. Kennedy avoid saying the number 11? Was Monroe a vampire and does he still walk amongst us? Did Polk contrive to have an orchid named after him?

So yeah, sure, I celebrate Presidents' Day. A person doesn't so much have to like the Presidents in order to celebrate the holiday. Holidays aren't personal, they're symbolic. And ornamental. And gustatory.

Yes, I love the cuisine of Presidents' Day! 

Who doesn't like skewered mutton!?

And in this spirit I have posted the annual Presidents' Day picture at the front desk of the library. I was able to squeeze in eight presidents before I wearied.

See if you can find them all. I have included the official color version and the alternate black and white.

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