Friday, February 24, 2023

You are the internet


There is a saying in Soccer: Defense wins championships.

Don't worry, this isn't going to be about soccer, 

I mean, except for a few sly quips here at the start.

I have rather thought, after watching a lot of soccer, that instead of defense, officiating in one's favor wins championships.

But luck helps too. Talent of course. And passion.

But definitely defense is in there too. 

In fact, let's just say it's all defense, because that works for where I'm going with all... this... today.

You see, I have been much on the Internet today. I might have been on the Internet slightly less today if a massive snowstorm of two to 37 inches of snow hadn't fallen on Saint Minneapolis and trapped us all in our houses- other than those two people I can see cross country skiing out my window. But those people are MAD I tell you! And while I was on the Internet I had a little moment. 

I realized the whole Internet is playing defense.

I'm not saying there is no cleverness and innovation. But the instant this selfless moment of passion or ambition gets someone an elbow length ahead, the smart move is always, always, to throw one's arms out, grind it out, and concentrate on holding everyone back behind you. Whether you are hosting videos, or selling books, telling the weather, or creating a space for friends and family to keep in touch, once you get a foot ahead the key is not to go farther, or try new things, and push frontiers, rather, it's to broaden your reach, become the most unavoidable and the largest and most powerful in all the world.

If you're too big, they can't get past you. And then if you're so big they can sneak under, you can just scoop them up and eat them, I mean buy them out.

And in this, the Internet ended up like everything else in our neo-liberal world, a tidy little collection of oligarchical monopolies.

And so though you might like to read a variety of interesting personal reflections on life, work, love, nature, politics, food, etc., by any number of thoughtful writers and humorists freely sharing their encounters with the world, there is, alas, only me, Clerkmanifesto. 

I am the only blog now. 

I have taken up all the space. 

I have elbowed everyone back.

I have bought out all the competition. 

Type "Blog" into your search engine and I alone show up now.

I'm sorry.

I had to do it.

If it wasn't me it would have been someone else with the incalculable wealth that is...


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