Friday, March 31, 2023

Am I hungry?

"Am I hungry?" I ask.

I don't know. Are you hungry?

I will try to answer then since you did.

Here is my answer:

Yes, no, I don't know, all the time, never.

I think that captures the feeling.

Did you know that Ramadan is currently being celebrated? In saying that I wondered whether it was more of an observance than a celebration. So I asked my co-worker who is celebrating Ramadan and with whom I am much paired with working today at the library. She said it is very much a celebration. It is celebrating how god will be rewarding them with something better than they can even imagine.

I like this because the whole fasting thing of Ramadan seems to kind of beautifully play into it. One fasts, or in the Muslim sense of it, does something for god, and then one gets to eat, which, let's face it, when it's good, is better than we could have imagined. Just because I have no clue on the hunger thing doesn't mean I'm not enthusiastic about eating! 

And so my co-worker and I have been talking Ramadan this afternoon, mainly about the fasting. She has a very hard time with fasting, but, as long as it's not Summer (with the longer daylight fasting hours), she doesn't find the fasting hours of Ramadan too taxing. I understood that it's the getting up really early to make food for her family that she finds most difficult. I, in turn, told her that I don't have very much difficulty with fasting myself. In fact, as I just reflected, outside of some coffee, it turns out that as it stands I haven't eaten anything at all for 23 hours.


I guess I am hungry.

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