Monday, March 6, 2023

Pictures from other worlds


A week or two ago I put together some pictures here in which different game worlds were mashed together. I'm not sure how much they meant to you who are not familiar with any of these game worlds. In that case I suppose the pictures then succeeded or failed largely on their own merits.

Currently I am playing a computer game in which, alone on a planet, I go around bringing the planet to life. Blue skies have come, and even recently rain fell, and the barren valleys are now lakes. I am currently planting flowers. It's a nice game. I don't have a great way yet to take pictures in game of that one, but I do have a few other game pictures that have been accumulating on my phone. Perhaps taking pictures inside games keeps me going until I can wander around outside again without risking death by misadventure on ice.

The first picture below is... complicated, but I've decided to include it because the landscape is from the game I was telling you about; Planet Crafter. 

The other mixes follow. 

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