Tuesday, March 28, 2023

The joke I try not to make


As I have more than once referenced here, my father used to like to make the same jokes over and over in public. Some of these jokes I have affection for, but I have always been wary of doing the same thing. I would rather my humor be spontaneous and inventive, and less, er, ceremonial.

But over the many years that I have worked at the library there are certain jokes that I am inordinately fond of. And so I have to resist using them too often. I only trot out my drivers' license joke on special occasions for instance. 

But my making change for people joke is the most difficult for me.

I try desperately not to make this joke, but I'm afraid it simply comes out more than I would like. Without discipline I would probably end up making it every single time.

The library patron comes up with a bill, usually a twenty, and they say "Can you make change?"

And I say "Change?" 

And then I pause for effect. "Change is hard."

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