Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Class structures in literature and libraries


I have been reading an addictive and fairly brutal science fiction trilogy by Pierce Brown called The Red Rising Saga. I am on the third book and racing to the conclusion, reading it late at night always a little past how late that I should be. These books are about violent political infighting among the most powerful group of people in an inter solar system future human society, and about a revolution to reform the brutal caste system that that one group completely and cruelly dominates.

Our hero is from the lowest caste, or class, of what has become a strictly color coded society. He is a Red toiling in the mines of Mars, and is surgically altered to be a Gold, the small and endlessly powerful ruling caste. From there he is involved in, and an agent of cutthroat competition, violent political battles, horrific acts of revenge, and constant rebellions and betrayals. 

And so reading compulsively last night through these terrible betrayals, uprisings, backbiting, murders, infighting, and oppressions I suddenly had a surprising thought:

Hey, this is just like my library!

So it's probably a good thing I have a couple extra days off next week. 

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