Sunday, April 9, 2023

Four pictures


I have started editing a lot of pictures lately to make myself t-shirts. It is amazing what AI can do right now, especially for me with photography. I can conceive of an image and have an AI produce endless versions that may all be somewhat like what I wanted, or it could have all of them be not even remotely what I asked for. But among them there may be ones that are randomly beautiful.  

I find that culturally, when exciting and possibly revolutionary technologies are emerging, what is shown of them is their very best capabilities and iterations. Sometimes, as critics explore the new technology, their very worst iterations are shown. But what we never see are the ways that the technology is just generally poor, we don't see its points of frustration, nor do we see the array of things that would normally, logically be part of this technology when we conceive or imagine it ourselves, but that in reality simply aren't there at all.

All that said I am doing so much working around designs, limitations, and my own ignorance while using AI Photography, that to get anything I want it's almost like I have to make the art myself!

But, so, actually I just came here today to tell you I am sick! 

I haven't tested yet and sort of assume Covid, but I would be delighted if it were just a very bad cold or a fairly mild flu. And I was going to explain briefly, in like two sentences at most, how I was tired and couldn't possibly write a proper blog post exploring technology issues today. And then I was going to offer these four pictures for your entertainment while I took it easy. 

But then... this whole thing happened (see above).

Here are four pictures anyway:


  1. I'm sorry you are sick and I earnestly hope that one of the alternatives is true and you do not have covid. I can't decide whether I think you are one who would get vaccines and boosters; I think maybe not. Take care of yourself, please, OK? I would greatly miss your contributions to the web.

  2. Clerkmanifesto here (not "anonymous", just suffering some weird sign in problems):

    What sad days that you would wonder such things. I am vaccined to the hilt. I am brimming with vaccine. I adore vaccines! I would probably refer you to various past blog posts about them and my nearly fanatical pro vaccine feelings, but am too sick to track those down at the moment!

    Alas though I did get covid in December despite being less than three months out from the latest booster. And now I tested negative and so maybe it's the flu (which I got a vaccine for!), but I may try to run one more test tomorrow morning to be sure as my symptoms are unpleasant and a bit covid like.

    Fortunately I am just well enough to keep up with blog posts and even to over respond to your comment!

    I hope you keep well.


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