Thursday, April 13, 2023

If clerkmanifesto were a magazine


Though my temptation is just to show you new variations on bughearts everyday here, I did wander into some new design tools to spice that up. And suddenly I found myself with magazine covers!

The magazine covers made me wistful.

I think Clerkmanifesto would make a nice magazine. I know the era of the magazine has passed, but I've always been a person out of time anyway. 

I think it would be a monthly magazine and it would retail for:

Two years for only  29.99 if you act now!!!

Here then are some early approaches to the magazine covers and other ephemera along the way:


  1. Congratulations on the Nobel Prize...for literature, I assume? I missed the announcement this year.

    1. Oh, that ol' thing? I just threw my Nobel in a pile with all my other prizes. Honestly I barely talk about it.


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