Monday, April 17, 2023

More things plopped into hearts made of books


I could blame the bronchitis, or a long day where, in the middle of April, it had the audacity to snow from dawn to dusk. Or I may simply be losing it a little while making so many bookworms on hearts made out of books. But whatever it is I have begun adding new... things to my hearts made of books, mainly celebrities at this point.

Whatever it is I guess I decided all of these below needed wings, and hearts, and you can do with them as you will. If you're having trouble staying entertained we'll make a game of it:

Who, featured below, can you name?

I'll start you out:

One of them is a cat.


  1. I see Bob Dylan, Einstein, Groucho, Melanie Safka dressed up as Neil Young, Dr. Demento, Neil Cassidy, and Fernando Valenzuela.
    I remember the beetle ceramic pieces very well.
    How do I order a T-shirt?

    1. I can't believe you got every single one right!

      You can find a link to the store on the upper right sidebar, under "My Internetland" : clerkmanifesto store.

  2. I got one for Holden! Nobody out there tell him. He will love it.

    1. I'm touched you got one for Holden!

      I don't mean to be rude, but, while I'm sure no one here would ruin the surprise for him, but, by commenting, well, um...

      you do realize that Holden has not missed a day of clerkmanifesto for more than four years?


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