Sunday, April 23, 2023



I am not as a rule a great organizer. Or, more accurately, I am a good organizer who heavily erodes whatever organizational system I am operating under. So on the rare occasions that I become interested in organizing, I can be pretty thorough about it, but my ability to maintain it is... shabby. I have now organized the theme of today's blog post, then immediately repeated and clarified it in my passion for it, and now I will slowly lose track of it altogether.

Over the past few days I have been organizing the photographs that are on my phone. This is a lot of work. To begin with I have thousands and thousands of pictures. And I am not organizing finished pictures, I am organizing pieces of pictures. We will now commence to use the metaphor of piles. I have piles of background pictures. And then I am taking my pictures of, like, Charlie Brown, of Pooh, and cutting them out with clear backgrounds. And I am taking heart pictures and putting them on clear backgrounds as well, and the same with bugs, or cats. And then I can layer any of these pictures on top of each other. The idea is to have a library of figures, backgrounds, hearts, bugs, that I can easily assemble into finished pictures.

It's a great and satisfying idea that inspires me to work tirelessly to create huge piles.

The only problem is that getting these cut outs with clear backgrounds is miles and miles and miles of work. I spend hours poking at my phone to add five or ten things to these respective piles. But once they are in the piles it is very quick and easy to create a finished picture out of all the assorted bits from their piles. 

Then after I make the finished picture I don't really want to use any of the many pile ingredients I used for it ever again. 

It's like spending hours carefully collecting dry and wonderful kindling for a fire that I am thinking will at least burn all night, but when I put all my perfect kindling on the flames it erupts into an inferno that burns out in a matter of minutes!

Oh well, as long as it looks nice...

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