Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Revenge of the bughearts


I may have one picture somewhere, but I couldn't find it. 

Back in the late eighties, while going to the art department at Sonoma State, I made three large, clay, hanging plaques. The first one was a little rough, but the second and third were definitely good. The clay was sculpted and bisqued, and then I hand painted the clay with acrylics. The pieces were colorful and elaborately decorated marquee type presentations of an insect on top of a valentine style heart. 

In bold letters they would read "The (name of insect) and the Human Heart". Like: "The Hog Louse and the Human Heart".

Two good ones of these fancy, dark and cheerful, decorative hanging plaques always seemed a bit few, but though the bugheart symbol became a kind of talisman for my work, I rarely thought much about this period of art as I moved on.

Until now.

Now I have decided I really should have stuck with those plaques a good deal longer!

And I have also decided I really like making bughearts.

Like, obsessively!

And furthermore I have decided it's not too late.

So here are a bunch more:

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