Sunday, April 16, 2023

School spirit


My first batch of nine new t-shirts arrived today. Almost all of my new t-shirts will be of my own design, lots of bughearts of course, but the one that isn't of my design is a school t-shirt: "The Scholomance Academy".

The Scholomance isn't really an academy of course, but close enough. It's a school/shelter for young magic users that increases their very bad odds of surviving adolescence. It is now my second "School" t-shirt. I also have a "Greendale Community College t-shirt". This one is from a favorite sitcom of mine- Community. Having a second fictional school shirt makes me feel like I am developing a specialty. If I were to get another school shirt I would get, of course, a "School of Wizardry on Roke" t-shirt from The Wizard of Earthsea. One might say this is the original wizard boarding school, as created by Ursula K. LeGuin. A shirt for this school might be a bit harder to find than, say, a Hogwarts shirt, but I do feel the effort would be worth it.

I am not interested in a Hogwarts shirt.

Nevertheless, with this third college t-shirt I would be becoming a collector. Adding to my collection of school t-shirts I would very much like a Huxley College t-shirt as well. This is the fictional college from The Marx Brothers' Horsefeathers movie, a movie foundational to my sense of humor. There is also a many booked fantasy series called Nevermoor that has a school I might like a shirt for. And a "Wayside School" shirt would be fantastic, so I'll put that on the list, and so too it would be remiss of me not to add a t-shirt for Oxford to my list.

"Wait." You say. "Oxford is a real school!"

Well, like all schools, sometimes it is, and sometimes it isn't.

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