Wednesday, April 12, 2023

The first photography walk of spring


While still recovering from my flu (it's not covid!), Winter suddenly ended. So I went out for my first photography walk in ages. Feeling too under the weather to drag out my proper camera I just brought along my phone. Which was just as well because there was mostly mud to photograph at this point. Early Spring can be like this.

So, with few other options, I took pictures of bland, muddy landscapes and figured my AI photography programs could fix them up for me later.

We'll start with this picture of Shadow Falls Creek, a place I do love, but it really wasn't yet at it's best. Here is the first photo of it:

Oops, I think it even has my shadow in it. 

Well, it is called Shadow Falls Creek. And I did fall there pretty badly last year.

Here is the first improvement of the shot:

And the second:

Here is my second picture of the creek. Quite a lot of trees have fallen on the creek over the Winter and the trail has become rough. But the creek seems unbothered:

Here is the first improvement (if we can call it that):

Here is the second:

Here is the view of the Mississippi River from an overlook on the river trail:

The trees are budding if one looks closely, but not much visible, so I moved up the timeframe on that:

And then I moved up the timeframe a little bit more:

And finally, on the way home I went through the local Private University and took a picture:

Actually, it's not that bad of a campus mostly, so I wasn't expecting anything dramatic. Mostly my AI alteration just neatened up things a little, though I'm a little surprised this made me realize that this wealthy campus full of building projects nevertheless really seems to need just a bit of help:

And that was it. Four pictures was plenty for a sick person. 


  1. Nice set of pictures. How on earth can you "time travel" and get the buds to come out?

    1. The answer is somewhere between "I poke at my phone" and "I squeeze my dissatisfaction until it turns into enlightenment"


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