Friday, June 23, 2023

The tiny destiny


After a long weekend, with too many troubling things in it to be quite relaxing, and where I spent an astonishing amount of time on my computer inserting lions into my photographs, I decided enough is enough.

And like so many people who decide enough is enough, I ended up at the mall.

I wandered out of Macys, or Nordstroms, I'm not even sure which, and there was a toy store. It was pretty fancy, and it even had some giant animals in it; a dinosaur, a giraffe, and right outside the front entrance, and almost full sized lion.

I am pretty sure it was a sign.

I hope a good one.

Perhaps I test your patience, or your ability to be wowed in any way, but I photographed it to show you, and did what I have been so compelled to do all these days...

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