Thursday, June 8, 2023

The top vote getter!


In the midst of my flagging interest in our grand project here of illustrating The Book of Isaiah, all of it taking place in a post apocalyptic version of my library, I inquired of my readers (hi readers!) in what direction you wanted me to go next.

More bible pictures?

A return to the plagiarized Winnie the Pooh?

Volumes 713 through 822 of our series on the function of how mitochondria works in the cells of fruiting plants?

A continuation of our Pippi Longstocking inspired detective stories about Wiki Magenta?

A series of pictures of a sunburned bicyclist drinking Orange Crush?

The hundred greatest albums of all time?

The ongoing tale of a transcontinental backpacking trip with minor deities?

And, well, the list rather carried on.

It turns out I have dozens upon dozens of running projects going on here at clerkmanifesto. I was concerned that with so many choices the voting process would be muddied!

But I am here to tell you that now that voting has closed, a clear winner has been chosen! I am overcome by the unexpected interest in our top vote getter, and am pleased that the choice is so strong. Nevertheless, for those of you who voted for other favorites (and each of the 31 choices received at least zero votes), rest assured, I will return to all of these projects in time, and will complete every single one of them, provided I live forever, which seems a reasonable request.

But I am certain that I test your patience, making you wait for the results of the voting. And so, without further ado, I now unveil our top vote receiver for clerkmanifesto's next project.

In an absolute landslide, receiving a total of nearly zero votes, I am pleased to announce that clerkmanifesto will now continue work on the "Library Shelves Come Alive" project!

Judging by the voting, it is clear most of you will be delighted to hear this.

For those few of you not familiar with this landslide winning project, it is one in which we take sections of the public shelving of my library, and literally bring them to life with the subject of the books in that area physically appearing on the book shelves.

While this project started sometime ago, and I remember a nice one with mushrooms growing near our mushroom books, I can't, ahem, find them, any of them. But not wanting to launch into the new series of these pictures today, which will take place in the animal section of the library, I have instead put together one sample new picture from the tree subject area of our non fiction shelves so you can see, or be reminded of where we are going with these pictures.

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