Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Fourth of July


Yesterday there was a fair bit of talking here about July Fourth, or "Independence Day", an important American holiday that celebrates my country's declaration of independence from England some 247 years ago. However this particular discussion of the holiday was merely incidental on the way to having an imaginary dialog with Andre Maurois.

Yes, this is the sort of thing that happens pretty regular at clerkmanifesto.

But many of my readers are not from America, and naturally wonder what this holiday of The Fourth of the July is like around here. Many of them wrote in. And after I translated their questions I enthusiastically set to answering them!

Fortunately the nature and traditions of July the Fourth are easily explained!

It's like,


It's... well... Do you know how on Passover there is, well, wait, 

let me think.

Have you ever...


Here! I know! I'll draw you a picture!

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  1. You've certainly captured the spirit of the day. Except in years when it rains, as it did here in NH.


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