Tuesday, July 18, 2023



I have written far more than 3,000 blog posts, many of them about library work, but have I ever simply titled a blog post "Library"?

I doubt it. 

But if I did I doubt that old blog post will feel offended. My blog posts are surprisingly secure in themselves.

 And though I might enjoy having a few readers who would say something like "Yes, you did indeed title a blog post "Library", back in June of '17." Adding "On my personal rating scale I gave that post a "7", noting its witty take on hypothetical blog readers." I don't, in fact, have any blog readers like that.

Which is okay too.

So... "Library" is the title then. I guess I should talk about the library?

It's a real Summer's day here at my library, full of all ages of visitors and with them sporting plenty of casual attire. I'm busy enough at the front desk, but not so busy that I can't squeeze in this blog post, although whether I finish it while I'm still here remains an open question. If someone reading this happened to be the small god of libraries, I think they would be content with the almost perfect sense of casual vibrancy here at my library today. Reading is not dead. No indeed. I can see someone carrying a book even as I write. And an eleven-year-old is even sitting in one of our whirly chairs underneath a very ugly donated abstract painting, reading.

Of course, nothing is ever perfect here. That's not how public libraries work. A man in a motorized scooter has been having a loud discussion on our public phone for at least 45 minutes now. But maybe I should take that back. Maybe sometimes some things are perfect in their way. Because I do find this man on the phone perfectly annoying.

"You made that same joke in a blog post on February 9, 2014." A hypothetical and very knowledgeable reader I don't have says.

"Really?" I reply. "I don't remember that at all! What score did you give it?"

"A nine. I found it poignantly amusing the first time."

"I'll take that!" Wow. A nine. "What's the rating on this one I'm writing now?" I ask.

"I can't tell until it's finished." The reader explains.

Now I'm super curious, so I'd better bring this to a close.

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