Friday, July 7, 2023

More oceanic themes


Somewhere around here I have a picture I worked on for hours. It's of a bunch of turtles, sort of migrating to a statue upstairs in my library. I haven't shown you this picture yet. But today I completed a new, wet, nautical kind of scene that takes place downstairs at my library. So I guess I'm working along vaguely related themes. I like this picture I did today better so that's what I'll be showing you. The turtle one is okay really, but I'll show you that on another day because a bit of a story goes with it, and I have to explain its super futuristic experimentation. 

This one I can just show you as is. Not that explanation wouldn't be helpful. But maybe think of these as dreamscapes. Bring your own interpretation with you.

Anyway, I like today's picture so much I think I'll even give it a special name...

I'll call it:

The Immediate Aftermath of a Sudden Downpour

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