Saturday, July 8, 2023

On food and office supplies


One of the elements of childhood that has most stuck with me over the years is a passage from Dr. Seuss's Sleep Book. It is a section of the book outlining how all is well when gooses dream of goose juice and mooses dream of moose juice, but it becomes a distinct problem when gooses dream of moose juice and mooses dream of goose juice.

This, I like to think, is due to obvious reasons. I mean, Dr. Seuss doesn't go into it why it is a problem, but certainly seemed to think such a mix-up was a problem. I believe the Latin for it is "prima facie".

A goose would not like moose juice.

A moose would not like goose juice.

In researching this blog post I learned that Universal Orlando, as part of their "Seuss Landing" has a drink kiosk called where they sell Moose Juice and Goose Juice. These are respectively orange and sour apple slushies.

I find I'd really love to discuss this discovery in detail, but it is too off-topic!

 Maybe you could remind me tomorrow?

Today we are discussing how I have been thinking a lot about what kind of office supplies I can put out for our library patrons (yes, don't worry. We will connect it all back up). I am trying to put together a table where library visitors to this library I work at can do their office projects. Why people come to a library to conduct office work has always been a curiosity to me, but I try to provide more than judge. Anyway, due to this project, in the middle of the afternoon, I was thinking a lot about office supplies.

But I was shelving cookbooks and getting very hungry too.

So I was also thinking about cooking and food.

And my cooking started thinking about office supplies and my office supplies starting thinking about cooking.

Mooses and juices and gooses and Seuss's...

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