Thursday, July 20, 2023

Pantheon hijinks

I stayed home nursing what I think is probably a repetitive stress injury in my wrist caused by shelving! Though what do I know, I'm no wrist doctor! 

Not that I want to see a wrist doctor unless I have to.

But the important thing is that my wrist affliction doesn't affect my typing.

Mostly today I've iced my wrist, eaten peanuts, and made dozens of fake pictures. I'm pretty obsessed with the pictures. Almost everything I'm making involves crashed alien spaceships, though the locations of their settings vary between my walks near and down to the river, my library of course, and Rome, all of which I feel could be endlessly populated with crashed alien spaceships.

Today, because it's a new venture, I'll share my Rome pictures. These first ones are all from the area clustered around the Pantheon, to me the very epicenter of Rome. My darling wife and I have spent many happy times there. Like so many places it is right now enduring a savage, human caused heat wave. It's a hundred degrees today! But even a few years ago, before anyone had ever even heard of global warning, everyone I'd have ever met who went to Rome in the Summer hated it. Hated it!

 But everyone else who went there in November loves it because it's a fantastic place.

Or, almost everyone.

Certainly the two or three people I've discussed it with.

Fortunately the heat, lions, nuns, and falling alien spaceships have kind of cleared out the area around the Pantheon so I could get some decent shots of the fabulous city for you today.


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