Friday, July 21, 2023

The troubles and benefits of staying home from the library


As you surely know from yesterday's post, which you read, memorized, and burned, I took the day off to rest my injured wrist.


Sorry, no, there is no requirement that you read or memorize or burn any of my blogposts. I'm sorry for the confusion there.

Well, yes, I agree, if one doesn't read the post there's not really much left for it. I mean, though, one could just look at the pictures. And of course memorizing and burning would always be a good idea.

Thank you! I agree. People would be missing out on a lot of excellent content if they just looked at the pictures!

Anyway, my wrist is doing much better today. It loved getting swaddled in ice! It also enjoyed making photoshop pictures all day. Apparently using a mouse doesn't hurt my wrist, but shelving fat books maybe does.

As usual the library did very poorly without me. We tracked each incident (see final picture), but nevertheless this is what I returned to:

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