Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Unphotographed mayhem


I might have left you hanging the other day when I suggested there was a newsworthy event at my library. And it wasn't the story about people who stole three, unsecured public computers. 

It was something HUGE.

At least that's what I suggested.

But then I had to complain about novelty drinks at an amusement park I've never been to because of...


So how about this:

The excitement at my library was that 


And I know that doesn't look that bad. 

But the smell of sulfur from the dragon's fire irritated the sensitive noses of our elephants, causing them to walk out of the children's room.

Which was fine.

And not a problem at all.

Until the elephants saw the mouse!

Which was bad enough. But the crashing and trumpeting upset the dragon.

And his mum!

And well...

I didn't get any pictures of any of that.

Honestly, I'm just lucky to be alive!

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