Wednesday, September 6, 2023

An account written during the issuance of a pin number


I am working at the front desk of my library, and I am registering a new library card. It was running along pretty smoothly until we came to the part where I needed this new patron to tell me a four-digit PIN number.

At this stage of technological development people are usually pretty fast on the draw with a pin. But every once in a while, like with this person, it stumps someone badly, and they freeze up like I just asked them "For one hundred thousand dollars, what country has the greatest reserves of phosphorous?"

Maybe that's a bad example since everyone knows that while it has generally been conceded that Morocco has the biggest phosphorous reserves, the recent massive discovery of phosphorous in Norway has thrown a wrench into that truism. 

They think there may be 70 billion tons of phosphorous buried in Norway!

Nevertheless, I would happily give that hundred thousand dollars to either answer; Morocco or Norway.

And I would also happily give this new library patron a hundred thousand dollars as well for a four-digit PIN number. Any four numbers!

But, alas, I am still waiting.

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