Sunday, September 24, 2023

Making picture taking over-complicated


Spending all day trying to create a few simple pictures, it does occur to me: 

I can just go outside and take pictures of things, leave them as they are, and it's way faster.

But I already did that.

It's not reality that's so difficult, the difficulty is in how much we want to change it.

Here's a re-working of the Prospect Park neighborhood to make it more suit me. I do see turkeys in this neighborhood a lot, but I think they'd manage the world of my alterations okay.

This is a little wood bridge that has oft featured in clerkmanifesto in various ways as it is in a picturesque location at the top of Shadow Falls, and it's fun to put all manner of cartoon characters on it. It's always lovely at this spot, but that doesn't mean I can't spend hours wildly altering it anyway. 

Lastly, this is a heavily altered patio on the St. Thomas Campus. The way I picture it here is as a kind of terminus for three of my favorite forms of transportation. This branch of the canal starts up here at a local train stop, and in through the ticketing area one can climb up to the tower where there is a cable car station. So come in on the train and carry on walking, by boat, or by cable car. 

One can get a pastis or espresso here at a small cafe while waiting for a train.

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